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Publicado por BreoganGal 15/4/09

Here you can find the most important sections of this blog translated to english.
If you wish to read any other section, you can use the Google translator wich can be found in the right part of this page.

Translated file:

1.1Your fishing days
1.2 Interviews
1.3 Add your link / url
1.4 Add logo
1.5 write in this blog
1.6 Announce your championship


3.-Fishing gear
3.1 Rat tail or dry fly
3.2 Fishing coup (cork)
3.3 Teaspoon - lance
3.4 The English
3.5 The Rapala
3.6 Fishing depth
3.7 Bolognese Fishing

4.-Chat msn

5-How to get a fishing license in Galicia?

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