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Fishing gear

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Depending on the type of fishing, bait, spoons, mosquitos,etc
come in different sizes and shaped harpoon.
Are placed at the end of the line, there are several ways to tie it, it's also the place where the bait is placed.

You can use low or high depending on where we go fishing.
Usefull so you dont get wet.

when we get into the water is essential

Is the key to go fishing, because without the material do not have to fish.
is the most important thing if you want to go fishing, whitout it, you don't have what to fish whit
As always there are several types: small, long, fixed, plug (for each style)

For many types of fishing are imprescindibles.they don't need to be expensive, take your time to select your gear.
Is the element that keeps the line and collect it

-fishing vest:
Very useful to carry lots of articles and tools for fishing.

from the old wicker to the plastic ones.
is used to save what is fished.

the corks should be chosen according to the type of fishing.
you can find them in all the sizes and weights.
Its function is to alert the fisherman, so he knows when the fish has bitten.

For the trout are phenomenal, of various sizes and colors.
they role is to look like insects, so the fish will try to eat it.

From to the weight you want to use.
His role is to give weight to the cork, which is important since otherwise you may not find out when the fish bites.

is an artificial bait in the form of fish. Expensive, but efective.
It looks like a small fish so bigger fishes will try to eat it, it has two or more hooks, depending on the size.

From the wire ones to the competition pieces. They keep the pieces alive.
Its a must to participate in many championships, it is generally used when fishing for cyprinids.

It is a fundamental component of the cane, used to conect to the a cane, the weights, cork, hook, etc.
There are different types of fishing line, from thinest to the most thick, and their differences are that the more thick it is you can handle more weight, which may mean a bigger catch.

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Here you can find the most important sections of this blog translated to english.
If you wish to read any other section, you can use the Google translator wich can be found in the right part of this page.

Translated file:

1.1Your fishing days
1.2 Interviews
1.3 Add your link / url
1.4 Add logo
1.5 write in this blog
1.6 Announce your championship


3.-Fishing gear
3.1 Rat tail or dry fly
3.2 Fishing coup (cork)
3.3 Teaspoon - lance
3.4 The English
3.5 The Rapala
3.6 Fishing depth
3.7 Bolognese Fishing

4.-Chat msn

5-How to get a fishing license in Galicia?

Salamanca, rio Tormes

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Este día transcurrió en rió Tormes, en Salamanca.
El cebo empleado era maíz, modalidad: flotador, y el objetivo era pescar barbos.
Estoy pescando sin muerte y no pertenezco a ningún club de pesca, solo practico la pesca por entretenimiento y pasión.
Llevaba desde las 10 de la mañana allí, al principio hacia sol, pero a las 11 empezó a hacer algo de viento, y sino se pone peor estaré hasta la 1 aquí, a ver si se consigue alguna captura mas.

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